Who Am I?

Spring has sprung (or so I am pretending) and I am slowly coming out of my self-imposed hibernation. My thoughts are filled with sunshine, water, my meditation spot and the soon-to-be signs of new life as my trees get their leaves back on.  After a period of quiet they, like me, are ready for new growth. My writing season begins with this brief statement:

Dear Universe-

I am a recovering perfectionist, people pleasure, self-doubter, and control freak who has found her way out of the darkness and into the light of who I really am. Every day I embrace the opportunity to practice becoming the best version of me. As life ebbs and flows noisily around me I am grateful for every teacher I encounter, every lesson I learn, every opportunity (sometimes disguised as a mistake) I face, every chance to practice peace and positivity, and every little and big moment of my life that I am conscious enough to savor. In finding myself I have also found my tribe, a group of beautiful sensitive souls who not only support me but who remind me that I am enough just the way I am. 

I promise to do my very best to light up the world around me with the LOVE, PEACE and JOY I have found within.