Basic Vehicle Awareness Workshop

Join Amanda for a conversation and some hands-on learning related to vehicle safety. If you’re interested in some general knowledge about how cars work and some simple tips for keeping yours in running condition, this is the workshop for you. The goal of this class is that participants leave feeling a bit more confident about the basic necessities of car care, understanding how and when to top off fluids and knowing the right words to use with their mechanic. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. We aren’t expecting anyone to leave with an enthusiasm for changing their own oil (though Amanda would definitely support that!) – but you will learn how to check your oil, and some good questions to ask before someone else changes it for you.

This class is perfect for anyone just getting their first vehicle, anyone who has never opened their car’s hood, and anyone who had a parent try to tell them this stuff if only they had been listening. We’ll talk about simple things that anyone can do to keep their car “healthy”, basic parts and what they do so you can feel comfortable talking to a mechanic, and how to locate the right supplies for tasks you can do yourself. Participants are encouraged to submit questions before the class and to share the make and model of their vehicle so we can get specific if necessary.

Amanda is not a mechanic, but she has picked up enough knowledge about cars and driving to feel confident passing along some simple tips to help you become more self-reliant in this area. These are the things she wishes she hadn’t had to learn through trial and error and would love to pass along in a non-threatening and non-judgemental manner.

Thursday, July 21 | 6:30- 8 pm | $10

Location: 3303 Remembrance Road NW, Suite 3, GR, MI 49534

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