Begin Within Workshop for Women

  • Are you tired of striving to be "more"?
  • Do you suspect that something is blocking your ability to experience joy? 
  • Got a mean inner voice that never gives you a break?
  • Have you ever felt lost and isolated even when you are around those you love?
  • Ever noticed how much easier it is to help others go forward, while you stay stuck?
  • Do you often feel scattered, distracted or numb?
  • Is the person you see in the mirror more negative than you ever thought she'd be?
  • Feel like something important is missing from the life you've created for yourself? 

"Only a person like me who has fought her way to the other side of ALL those questions knows how hard it is to be honest and answer yes to any of them." --Terri

As women we take on a lot. As highly sensitive women "doers" we take on way too much and get overwhelmed. One day we recognize we are feeling off, and suddenly we are unable to get where we once thought we wanted to go. We become confused about everything, even our next step, and soon we are too scared to take any. This can happen overnight, or it can happen slowly, one negative thought at a time.  If it isn't our mean inner voice or our perfectionism that holds us back, it can be old beliefs, fears or the exhaustion of trying to keep up with our need to please or prove. Add in a dash of control freak and a splash of worry and soon the person who looks back at us in the mirror is exactly who we never wanted to be. 

I speak from experience as this is what happened to me.

The solution for change is easier than you think: it involves reconnecting with your true self. She knows the answers. She always has. And while the solution might sound simple, I know the work to find her isn't.

You can transform yourself without help, I know this because I did it mostly by myself.  But my inward journey took 4-5 years of digging down deep to uncover my heart, then I had to muster the courage to follow it. If you are looking to make changes faster than I did, please invest in assistance. To live authentically as the "you" you are deep inside -- to love yourself again--and to believe in the the power of YOU again --is life altering. For you, and for those you love most. It is worth the effort and the time, even if you don't think you have it.

The Begin Within Workshop will help you re-ignite your spirit and find the courage to lead your best life. I will help connect your dots, challenge you and guide you, but only you can do the hard work necessary to create change. You will not be alone, though. There is a magical connection that occurs among participants in a workshop like this. The group will provide its own form of inspiration via shared stories, combined support and an array of fresh perspectives.

If 2015 is the year you are going to invest in you -- please secure your spot around my kitchen table. Prepare to be challenged, wowed, motivated and nourished. And plan to leave with a deeper understanding of your true self and an action plan that is unique to you!

Caution: This workshop isn't for the faint of heart. Please sign up only if you are ready to dig in and re-ignite your power within.

Begin Within Women's Workshop | $70
6:30-8:30 pm | Class meets for 4 Thursdays beginning on January 22

Location: My Kitchen Table, 730 Northrup NW, GR 49504
Space is limited to the first 8 with a paid registration.

Register by calling 446-7147 or emailing me at