Doodle + Build A Planter-- A Soulistic Sisters Workshop

Combining a love of all things crafty with a belief that every woman should know how to use power tools, Amanda leads this fun workshop to awaken your inner doodler and develop basic DIY skills. Absolutely no prior drawing experience necessary for the first half of the workshop as you create your four unique square designs, then adhere them to tiles. We will have lots of reference books with patterns you can copy, imitate, or use as inspiration if you find yourself unsure about putting pen to paper. The second half of the workshop will guide you through gluing, drilling, and building skills as you construct your planter.

You will add your own plant at home, but all other materials will be supplied. Feel free to bring anything you want to use for doodling inspiration or decoration.... 

Donation: $20

Location: 3303 Remembrance Road, Suite 3, Grand Rapids, Mi 49534. To reserve your spot, email or call/text 446-7147.