Feng Shui Your Way To a Happier Life

Feeling a bit off? Clutter weighing you down? Troubled by patterns that keep repeating in your life? Or have you simply fallen out of love with your home? Join Toni, founder of GOOD SPACE for this workshop covering Feng Shui basics to help boost your positivity and the energy in your home. You will learn about the Bagua -- the energy map of your space that shows you which areas of your home or office are connected to specific areas of your life, how to use the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) to enhance chi, plus simple methods to eliminate clutter.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement, harmonizing people with their surrounding environments. The basic principle is that life-force energy, known as "chi", flows through your dwellings and has a powerful effect on the way you feel and think. When done properly, Feng Shui helps shift the energy in your environment so you are able to meet your personal goals and be the best you can be.

Toni Williamson founded GOOD SPACE in 2015. She combines Feng Shui philosophy and interior design fundamental principles, with her natural ability to tune into a person’s unique preferences to create functional, welcoming, peaceful and beautiful spaces. She is certified in Black Hat Feng Shui, has studied interior design at Kendall College of Art + Design, and has happily been rearranging furniture and creating new spaces since she was a child.  

Saturday, March 25 | 10 am - Noon | $19

Location: Soulistic Sisters Studio, 3303 Remembrance Road NW, Suite 3, GR, MI 49534

Register using the form below, or email terri@getoffgo.com.

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