Fun With Sticks & Stones

Join Terri for this workshop using natural elements.

Come make some unique creations with sticks and stones. Natural material, natural canvases. Dip your toe into unlocking your creativity without the pressure of filling up a blank canvas. You may be surprised at how freeing it is to allow yourself to be inspired by natural elements --- like the shape of a stick, or the smoothness of a stone. Paints and paint pens will be supplied for the sticks and rocks, and if you choose to get fancy and make a stick wreath or frame, then feathers, ribbon, etc. will also be on hand.

IN SEARCH OF MORE STICKS! Please scour your yard NOW and save the straight sticks to bring in with you. We can always use more. Also, if you have a special upcoming holiday in mind to create a wreath or wall hanging for, please bring in any specific bedazzling items you may need to decorate with.

Saturday, December 17 | 9:30-11:30 am | $15

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