Highly Sensitive Person Workshop: Holistic Tips & Strategies for Living Life With Ease

Highly Sensitive Person Workshop

Highly Sensitive Person Workshop

The first workshop was sold out so we are having another one on Saturday, April 5  from 9am -Noon at the Cottage of Natural Elements.

Are you tired of feeling like an emotional ping pong ball? Do people tell you to stop being so sensitive or to quit taking things so personally? Do you wish you could tame your mean inner voice and stop trying to please everyone around you? Do you need help getting "unstuck" from unhealthy habits? Then this is the workshop for you.

Join me and a small group of others for this workshop where I will share holistic strategies designed to help you:

  • take back your personal power
  • feel an inner sense of peace and calm
  • begin living free from anxiety, stress and self-criticism
  • find focus and forward motion for your life

Being a highly sensitive person is not a bad thing, it can be a beautiful thing if you learn how to operate from a healthy place. All HSP's are unique, yet share some common traits, and we can learn from each other. One of the best ways to get ideas for moving forward is from the experiences of like-wired others, so please come to this workshop ready to contribute, ask questions, share strategies, dig into your uniqueness and learn.

Full invitation here: http://eepurl.com/PHUf9

Space is very limited, so email me at terri@getoffgo or call 616-446-7147 to register today! Workshop Fee $30 (save $5 if paid in advance).