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Learning About Runes

Join guest instructor Gayle Campbell for this workshop dedicated to making your own Rune stones and learning how to use them for tuning into spiritual guidance.

Runes are ancient symbols that can be used for magical and divinatory purposes. They are the legacy of an early writing system that was used for Germanic languages, dating back to around 150 AD.  A number of different rune systems were developed, but they began to be replaced around 700 AD by the Latin alphabet that we use for writing today.

Used in a similar fashion to oracle cards, or tarot cards, they are another way to tune into our sub-conscious and inspire our spirit. Originally there were 24 Runes and they are collectively known as "the Futhark". For divinatory purposes, they work a lot like the I-Ching in that they are usually stored in a bag and then drawn out one by one or cast on a flat surface where they can be ‘read’.

Traditionally runes were made from wood, small stones, or pieces of bone, in this class we will draw/paint the Rune symbols on small stones, learn their meaning, and practice intuiting their message for you. You are welcome to bring any small, flat stones you have collected to make your runes or use some that we have collected.

Thursday, January 26 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm | $15

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