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MYO Dreamcatcher -- A Soulistic Sisters Workshop

Join us for a workshop where you will learn to make your own modern day dreamcatcher out of a variety of repurposed and new materials.

Dreamcatchers are arts and crafts of the Native American people. Originally these were woven from natural elements like twigs, sinew and feathers by the grandfathers and grandmothers of a tribe to hang above the cradle board of the newborn children. It was believed the web of the dreamcatcher would allow good dreams through and trap the bad dreams, helping baby find a peaceful sleep.

We give credit to the Ojibwa Tribe for the idea and we hope to use it to open up a creative pathway in you and to bring beautiful sleep into your life. We will provide all the materials. Whether you choose to hang your finished creation above your bed, or share it with someone else, we're positive creating it will be a fun, relaxing and mindful way to spend an evening out.

Come make new friends + and take away a creation as original in design as YOU are.

$20 donation

Space in the studio is limited, so email to reserve your spot. Or call/text 446-7147.

Studio Location: 3303 Remembrance Road, Suite 3, Grand Rapids, MI 45534