Nature Walk + Intro to the Practice of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is the practice of mindfully experiencing nature, communicating with your senses and achieving a feeling of balance within the natural world. Otherwise known as Shinrin Yoku, this walking meditation allows the participant to become fully immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of nature. While many of us intuitively know that a walk in the woods improves our mood, studies of Shinrin Yoku in Japan, and worldwide, show improved health benefits such as lower blood pressure and lower stress hormone levels.

We’ll meet at the studio and then head out on foot to a nearby nature trail. On the way, Amanda will chat about the history of Shinrin Yoku and explain the practice. Once we arrive at the trail, you will be guided through a series of short meditations during a walk through the woods. Each meditation is designed to tap into one or more senses as you observe the natural world around you. We will share our observations after each stop and on the return trip.

Whether you already spend a lot of time outdoors, or rarely venture away from the city, you are sure to find something new and enjoyable in this experience. Plan to dress for the weather and wear shoes that you are comfortable walking in. This walk will be around 2.5 miles, slowly - moderate hills and steps are possible but we can alter the course to fit the needs of the group.

Studio: 3303 Remembrance Road NW, Suite 3, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Sunday, May 22 | 6:30-8:30 pm | $7 donation*

*A portion of this donation covers an after-hours entry fee donation to the nature center.

Sign up below, email or call/text 616-446-7147.

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