"Our Time to Shine" GOers Group Summer Open House

The fourth official meet up of the GOers Group of West Michigan ---a group created to allow like minded, highly aware people to thrive--- is happening on Tuesday, August 12 at The Cottage of Natural Elements 351 Cummings NW.

From 7-9 pm you can enliven your senses, make new friends, and sample some fun new  ways to open your energy centers! It's all free. (Expect special discounts on cool products available from The Cottage of Natural Elements as well.)

You don't have to join the meet up group to come to this event, although we'd love to have you as a member. Here is the Meet Up link: http://www.meetup.com/Goers-Group-of-West-Michigan/events/195022112/

Or, for more information visit the Moondrop Herbals website: http://www.moondropherbals.com/index.php/event/meetup-summer-celebration/

Will I see you there?