Passion Mining

Join me for another GR Parks and Recreation class designed to help you mine out your personal road map to happiness. As busy productive people we often lose track of what we need in our lives to be the best version of ourselves. Based on the book The Passion Test, passion mining participants can expect to focus inward, dream big, and follow up with some difficult prioritizing. The results can be very eye-opening, and will definitely be all about YOU and what you need more of in life to thrive. This unique process will give you a guideline for saying yes to what matters most and saying no to opportunities that further someone else's dream.

To register call GR Parks and Recreation after Nov. 17 at 456-3696.

Cost: $20 Resident of the City of GR / $30 non residents

Recent comment from a passion mining participant:

"I know that I personally found it very valuable and it gave me an opportunity to reflect on things that I don't often consider. I tend to be a little uncomfortable with self-reflecting activities, but you made me feel completely at ease and open to discovering more within myself."