Rock Painting Fun For All Ages

There is something about painting rocks that is mindful and freeing, especially if you are intimidated by blank canvases. Rocks are natural, plentiful and unique, that makes them perfect for experimenting and playing.

Join Terri for this workshop making art out of rocks, the little and the medium-sized ones. Bring your own favorite rocks to bedazzle with acrylic paint or oil based sharpies or use some that we have at the studio. (If you desire a really large rock, please bring your own.)

This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to create colorful designs for their garden, spell out the alphabet on small rocks for over the summer spelling practice, make herb markers for your garden pots or create some inspiring words or sayings that you can use and place mindfully around your home.

Fun, mindful, creative and a great way to kick off your summer with something you and your kids (ages 5+) can do together. Who knows this workshop might inspire you to start collecting and painting your own rocks as a mindful practice all year long. Note: You do not need a little person with you to have a great time at this workshop.

Wednesday, July 20 | 7:00 - 8:30 pm | $10 adults*

*Kids FREE with adult paid registration

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