Tuning Into Our Root Chakra

Looking to learn more about your personal energy, specifically your root chakra and the power it has to center and ground you? Then this workshop is for you.

Or have you been experiencing scattered thoughts, random bursts of creative ideas that interrupt your actual progress on things you've started, find yourself swamped by worry, financial stress, or only able to focus on all the negative parts of life? You may have a root chakra imbalance. And this workshop is also perfect for you. 

Our root chakra is our earth connection, and it gives us our grounded, centered body awareness necessary for survival. Join Terri for this workshop focusing on your root. She will start with yoga and some poses designed to center and ground you, lead a guided meditation to cleanse and open your energy center(s), and then have a short, yet deep discussion about the importance of staying grounded. Learn what a healthy root chakra might feel like, and take home some holistic ideas for keeping this important energy center open and healthy.

Space is limited to 6 participants, please dress comfortably and bring your own yoga mat.

Saturday, December 10 | 10 am - Noon | $25

When you focus on your roots, you become centered, focused and less stressed.

Register below or email Terri@getoffgo.com.