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Self-Care For the Highly Aware

Do you experience the world on a deeper level often noticing things others around you seem unaware of or appear unaffected by? Do you suffer from overwhelm and find yourself needing lots of quiet time? Are you highly critical of yourself and others?
If your inner center is feeling anything short of peaceful in today's noisy world, maybe it is time you learn how to take better care of your highly sensitive* self. With proper care and attention, you can begin to live a life using your gifts, rather than trying to hide or "fix" them.
Being highly sensitive means you process the world differently than about 80% of the population -- and because of that uniqueness, you may have been made to feel that you need to change yourself to "fit in". In truth, it is exactly the opposite.
Sign up for this workshop to learn more about what it means to be highly sensitive and find out how you can care for yourself in holistic ways that will begin to free you from all the things that weigh you down.
As you begin to let go of things like worry, doubt, control, people pleasing, negativity and perfectionism, you will begin to believe in the power of YOU again. You will discover that there are others who not only understand your sensitivities but have some interesting ones of their own. And when you start seeing yourself as more than enough just the way you are, you will begin to live a more joy-filled life.
Self-Care for the Highly Aware Workshop will be held at my house around my kitchen table. Please register by emailing or calling 616-446-7147.

Saturday, March 21, 2015
9 am - Noon
730 Northrup NW

*as defined by Elaine Aron's book The Highly Sensitive Person. More information and a free online test here.

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