Tuning Into Our Sacral Chakra

Are you experiencing a lack of joy, mood swings, guilt over things from your past, feeling overly sensitive, or constantly stuck in people pleasing mode? If so, your Sacral chakra may be out of balance. This workshop is geared toward anyone wanting to learn more about personal energy (specifically that of the second/Sacral chakra) or who is experiencing signs of a blocked chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with our emotional body and our tribal consciousness.  It rules creativity, intuition on a gut level, fertility, relationships with others, and sensuality. When the Sacral Chakra is clear and the energy is in balance, you are friendly, compassionate, and have a healthy concern for others. Your emotions are balanced, you are self-aware and able to express yourself creatively. You are nurturing of yourself and of others and you have a very strong sense of belonging. This sense of connectedness also extends to nature and the plants and animals.

Join Terri for this workshop involving yoga poses to fuel the Sacral chakra, a meditation to open and clear your sacral energy and a discussion which will include ideas of how to keep yourself living life filled joy and wonder.

Space is limited to 6 participants, please dress comfortably and bring your own yoga mat.

Saturday, January 7 | 10 am - Noon | $25

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