NEW DATE Vision Board Workshop - Armentality Studio

As the noise of the world increases, many of us have a hard time hearing our own inner voice. We feel the need to slow things down and find some personal clarity, but how? The vision board workshop is one way to begin this journey, or simply to check in with your life’s progress to see if you are on track. Taking some time out just for “you”, in the company of other interesting and talented women, is the perfect way to begin cultivating some much needed clarity.

Unlock your innermost dreams, create a roadmap for happiness, or just come to create your personal vision board for growth in 2016.

For some, finding purpose and meaning means making changes, for others it involves letting go of harmful habits and living a healthier life, and for many it is simply learning to focus inward to listen to your inner voice. You might even discover that you are already living the life you dreamed of, but maybe there is more…

Whether we know it or not, deep within each of us is a vision of what our ideal life looks like. The key to living a happier life is to uncover what is truly important to you, to identify your passions and then find a way to bring them more fully into your life. Based on the Law of Attraction, vision boarding is a fun, creative, first step in this process. You will leave the workshop with new insights, new connections and your own personal vision board.

Bring a yummy lunch, magazines of your choice (or some will be provided) and anything else specific you might want for your board.

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Advance Registration /$45
After January 4/$55