Life Coaching

As a One On One Coach I specialize in helping highly sensitive people who are ready to reclaim their personal power but aren't quite sure how to get started. By listening to your unique situation, asking targeted questions, and providing homework designed to help you "dig in", I will help connect your dots and assist you with an action plan for forward motion. Often some time devoted to taking care of you, with inward focused thinking and reflection, is exactly what is needed to begin living life with ease. Having recently been through this transformation myself, I believe that connecting (or reconnecting) with your inner self is the necessary place to begin to unlock your authenticity, your passion and your life's purpose.  Aren't you ready to stop swimming upstream? I can help you find the freedom and flow you are ready for.

As I put into practice all that I have learned in my 50+ years, I'm extremely blessed to be able to help others reclaim their power and guide them toward mind, body + spirit wellness. Every new connection I make fosters greater growth and clarity within me -- and for that I am truly thankful. 


Certified Yoga Instructor, available for private group or individual lessons.

Certified Facilitator of the GROOVE, available to teach classes in a studio setting, at schools, private events or home parties. GROOVE is a united & unique group dance experience that works for everyone, regardless of age, body type or skill level. Participants share a simple step, and add their own authentic movement. Perfect for those who find joy in dancing but typically avoid follow the leader classes.


As a workshop facilitator, I create an atmosphere of connection, engagement and fun. Participants experience revealing insights, gain a greater understanding of themselves, and take an informed step toward living the life they were meant to.

Other Workshop Topics:

  • Self-Care for the Highly Aware
  • Begin Within Workshop for Women
  • ZenSquares  Creative Play
  • Passion Mining
  • So I'm a Highly Sensitive Person, now what?
  • Living Life With Positivity
  • Taming Perfectionism
  • Facing Your Fears
  • Chakras 101: Basic Energy
  • Managing Your Personal Energy

Get Off Go Pricing

One On One Life/Personal Coaching                                        Perfect for anyone at a confusing crossroads, unsure of their next step, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost or who lacks purpose or positivity in their lives. Through a series of "dig in" homework and discussion we will create an action plan that moves through your blocks and gets you "off go" and moving forward with greater ease and happiness. $50 for a one hour session

Package Rate Available: $120 Includes 3 one hour sessions, must be paid in advance.

Personal Tune Up Session: Combines One on One Coaching & an Energy Work Session  This one and a half hour session will you and your energy back on track.  It Includes a 45 minute reiki energy re-balancing session and 45 minutes of one on one personal coaching. $70

Energy Work/Reiki Session This relaxing and calming technique will soothe your soul and release any negative or blocked energy you are storing. Perfect for anyone feeling emotionally off and ready for tune up. $50 for a one hour session

Private Yoga Instruction at Your Home                         Perfect for those working with injuries or limitations who are ready to explore modification options, anyone wishing to learn the basic poses before enrolling in a class or who prefer a home setting. Certified in Level One & Senior/Chair Yoga. $50.00 a class (max 1 hr class)

Yoga Instructor for Hire               I love to bring yoga to workplace or community settings to encourage people to feel better in their own bodies. My classes combine mindfulness with movement and lots of stretching. Students will also strengthen their core and improve balance. Perfect for any level of student. $50 a class (max 1 hour) --local travel only Requirements: adequate space, each student needs a yoga mat

Move To Music/ in the style of GROOVE Dance      Moving your body mindfully to music allows each participant to tune into their inner joy and personal authenticity to find confidence and peace. Not to mention so much fun. I am available to come to your home, work facility or for private parties. Requirements: space to move and bodies willing to dance like no one is watching. $50 an hour session -- local travel only

ZenSquares Creative Play Workshop                                     Fun and relaxing activity involving mindful doodling designed to unlock creativity and confidence. Perfect small group activity for bridal showers, girls night out, or a fun night in with friends. Contact me for specifics. $15 per person (schedule your own event or check the new-events section of my website for the next opportunity)

Small Workshop Facilitation
There is power and magic in learning alongside others. I am available to host a wide variety of personal growth topic workshops in your facility or at my home. Please call for a free phone consultation to determine which topic works for your specific needs and to discuss group pricing or check my new events.

Team Building Vision Board Workshops
Combines group interaction and personal reflection with creativity. Participants leave with a visual board of their innermost dreams. 3 hours required. Call for specific pricing. Location: My home, your home or another location.